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Virgin Atlantic A330-200 G-VMNK Saint Lucia Technical Issue.

Virgin Atlantic A330-200 G-VMNK operated the Grenada – Saint Lucia sector of VS90 Grenada – Saint Lucia – London Gatwick early this evening, however on departure from Saint Lucia the aircraft returned to the stand due to a technical issue and passengers have been accommodated overnight.


Virgin Atlantic A330-200 G-VMNK VS29 London Gatwick Technical Return.

Virgin Atlantic A330-200 G-VMNK operating VS29 London Gatwick – Bridgetown was an hour into the flight as 36,000ft having commenced its Atlantic Crossing when it turned back to London Gatwick via a circuitous route and two holds owing to a technical issue. The flight, and the return VS30 were subsequently cancelled.

Virgin Atlantic A330-200 G-VMNK Positioning Flight.

Virgin Atlantic A330-200 G-VMNK, which has been out of service at London Gatwick since 8th May, positioned London Gatwick – Belfast International as VS861P this morning in order to operate VS161 Belfast International – Orlando.

Virgin Atlantic A330-200 G-VMNK Positions to London Heathrow.

Virgin Atlantic A330-200 G-VMNK positioned London Gatwick – London Heathrow as VS400P this afternoon after arriving as VS34 from Antigua this morning. The aircraft then operated VS400 London Heathrow – Dubai. This was this aircraft’s first use on a flight from London Heathrow and the first use of an A330-200 on the London Heathrow – Dubai route.

Virgin Atlantic A330-200 G-VMNK Returns from Xiamen Maintenance.

Virgin Atlantic A330-200 G-VMNK, which has been under maintenance at Xiamen since 14th October, positioned Xiamen – London Gatwick in the early hours of this morning as VS822P. The aircraft has been reconfigured from 19J/271Y to 19J/35W/212Y.

Virgin Atlantic A330-200 G-VMNK Positions to London Gatwick.

Virgin Atlantic A330-200 G-VMNK, still wearing test registration D-ALPA, positioned Manchester – London Gatwick this afternoon. The aircraft has been repainted into Virgin Atlantic Billboard Metallic livery and has been named “Daydream Believer”.






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