Virgin Atlantic A330-300 G-VLUV Overnight Atlanta Delay.

Virgin Atlantic A330-300 G-VLUV operated VS115 London Heathrow – Atlanta this morning, however the inbound aircraft from VS103 operated the return VS116 service and VS104 Atlanta – London Heathrow was delayed overnight. It is not clear whether this is due to a technical or a crew issue.

Virgin Atlantic A330-300 G-VLUV VS1 Heathrow Technical Return.

Virgin Atlantic A330-300 G-VLUV operating VS1 London Heathrow – Newark was around two hours into the flight to the west of Ireland when it turned back to London Heathrow due to a technical issue. The flight, and the return VS2 were subsequently cancelled.

Virgin Atlantic A330-300 G-VLUV Returns from Gatwick Base.

Virgin Atlantic A330-300 G-VLUV, which has been operating from London Gatwick since 27th October, positioned London Gatwick – London Heathrow as VS807P this afternoon after arriving as VS98 from Trinidad & Tobaga and St Lucia and re-entered service from London Heathrow this evening as VS400 London Heathrow -Dubai.

Virgin Atlantic A330-300 G-VLUV Returns from Delhi.

Following the technical issue it encountered yesterday, Virgin Atlantic A330-300 G-VLUV departed Delhi in the early hours of this morning operating yesterday’s delayed VS301 Delhi – London Heathrow as VS301D.

Virgin Atlantic A330-300 G-VLUV Delhi Technical Issue.

Virgin Atlantic A330-300 G-VLUV arrived into Delhi this morning as VS300 from London Heathrow (depart London Heathrow 29th March), however the return VS301 has been delayed until after midnight due to a technical issue.

Virgin Atlantic A340-300 G-VLUV Positions to Madrid Maintenance.

Virgin Atlantic A330-300 G-VLUV positioned London Heathrow – Madrid for maintenance this morning as VS801P. The aircraft will have its landing gear swapped out after the heavy landing damage it suffered on arrival at London Heathrow on 16th May.

A330-300 G-VLUV Heads for the UK.

Virgin Atlantic A330-300 G-VLUV departed Taiwan today en route to the UK as VS818P. The aircraft will route Taipei – Delhi – Manchester.

A330-300 G-VLUV Takes Up UK Registration.

Virgin Atlantic A330-300 G-VLUV, which has been on lease to Air China as B-18391 since new, took up its UK registration today in preparation for its delivery to the UK.

G-VLUV to go Straight to China.

Airbus A330-300 G-VLUV is confirmed as being leased immediately to Air China and was unveiled in full Air China livery at Toulouse today.


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